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Our home extensions will definitely leave a lasting impression from the inside and out. From regular maintenance tasks to overhauls that require the advice of a trained professional, nothing should be left to the imagination. Still, it can be challenging to find a contractor that specialises in numerous services. This is once again when the power of Reliable Renovations becomes clear.

As opposed to focusing upon a single aspect of exterior renovations, we have collected a team of experts that boast second-to-none levels of expertise in numerous fields. From painting and brickwork to landscaping and decking, there is no longer a need to work with multiple contractors.

We will oversee every stage of an exterior renovation project and we always make it a point to develop long-term relationships with our clients. If you are less than pleased with the appearance of your home’s exterior or should you be concerned about any functional issues, do not hesitate to speak with a specialist. We will be happy to set up a no-obligation appointment at your convenience.

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Insulated Renders

Due to rising energy costs, many homeowners wish to lower their energy bills. One popular option comes in the form of a system known as an insulated render. This type of exterior surface will help to moderate the temperatures within your home and it can last for years at a time with few maintenance concerns. If you wish to improve the exterior appearance of your home while simultaneously lowering its carbon footprint, these systems represent powerful solutions.


Contemporary paving services are some of the best ways to improve your property while providing it with a decidedly functional edge. The professionals at Reliable Renovations will first schedule a hassle-free consultation so that we can better appreciate the project itself. We will then discuss your paving options while highlighting the unique benefits of each option. Take a minute to call us or to fill out our online contact form.


Making the most out of a front or back garden is key if you hope to take full advantage of your property. This is why it is always wise to work with a team of qualified landscaping specialists. Reliable Renovations boasts years of experience and we can make your “green” dreams come true. From general maintenance to the creation of bespoke garden elements and everything in between, we are only a phone call away.


Installing a new deck is a great way to provide your garden with a welcoming appeal. From outdoor dinners with the family to hosting a party for close friends, modern decking solutions boast comfort and durability. The decking specialists at Reliable Renovations offer a unique combination of engineering expertise and artistic flair; providing you with bespoke solutions in no time at all.


Painting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to provide the exterior of your home with a facelift. Our painters can also tackle other tasks such as repointing, glazing, rendering, and similar types of repairs. As always, the first step involves contacting us directly so that we can discuss your options while outlining how the project will unfold.


There is no doubt that driveways are extremely functional elements within any garden. This is also why they tend to suffer from a fair amount of damage over time. Repairs may be needed or you could instead be thinking about installing an entirely new surface. Either way, Reliable Renovations is only a phone call away.


Tarmac is a surfacing material that enjoys a multitude of uses. Examples include driveways, walkways and even patios. Tarmac is relatively easy to apply and even larger projects can be carried out in a timely fashion. This surface also boasts water-resistant qualities; ideal if you happen to live within a low-lying area or you are concerned about drainage problems.

Reliable Renovations is capable of offering this surfacing option if you wish to improve the appearance of your property.

Block Paving

Do you wish to add a touch of class to the exterior of your home? If so, the use of block paving stones can represent the ideal solution. These stones can be arranged in a number of different patterns and they will provide any surface with a unique sense of visual depth.

In fact, block paving has become an extremely popular choice when creating patios, walkways and driveways. These stones are extremely durable and maintenance is a cinch. Simply stated, their luxurious nature will immediately transform the appearance of your entire property. From one-off repairs to entirely new block paving surfaces, Reliable Renovations is here to assist. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help.


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