Frequently Asked Questions

We can answer your questions here, and if you need any other information,
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Q: Will I have to pay for an initial consultation?

We believe that building trust from the onset is one of the most important ways to establish long-term relationships. This is one of the reasons why we do not charge any type of fee for a first-time consultation. Note that you are also not obliged to take any action after the consultation has been completed.

Q: Can Reliable Renovations work together with other third-party contractors?

Some projects are naturally more complex than others. There can be times when other contractors may be involved and we are more than happy to work together with their specialists. We can also oversee the work performed by other professionals if you desire.

Q: How is the price of a project determined?

We take several factors into account when calculating the cost of a project. These include materials, labour, equipment, and the possible need to consult with additional subcontractors. We can explain these elements to you in greater detail during the initial consultation.

Q: Is Reliable Renovations insured?

Our team is licensed and fully insured, so little is left to chance in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability.

Q: What if I require a different type of renovation that is not covered on the website?

Should you be interested in a specialised renovation or a similarly unique project, please give us a call. We will be quite pleased to address your concerns and to provide you with a targeted solution.